VisionTrust provides the information from real people about real children living in poverty so that we can write these real stories.  They take the time on mission trips, visits, and meetings with workers on the front lines of helping children to gather the facts about each child we write about.

VisionTrust is not an aid agency. They are a growing group of people with a passion to love the neediest children around the world. Many of these children are hungry, abused, sick, neglected, or ignored. They strive to meet these crucial needs, but they don’t stop there. They know children have an even greater need: the need to be loved.

As you remember the poor each week by the hearing the stories of real children, please consider getting involved through VisionTrust.  You will not only be a part of providing things like food, medical care, and schooling, you will be a part of bringing love to children in desperate need of help, the next generation of leaders who will one day change their country.

Go to to see how you can get involved in child sponsorship, short term trips, clean water initiatives, and special projects.  This organization is the real deal.  We’ve seen their commitment to fiscal responsibility and met our sponsor children and seen the improvement in their lives through the work of VisionTrust.  If you have any questions about this organization, please feel free to email (Melissa Spoelstra) or (Melissa Stutz) VT_Std_Lg

Other great organizations that work to help the poor across the globe are:

World Vision (

Compassion International (

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