Jeferson’s Story

written by Claire Mraz, 12 years old


Jeferson Alexis Mendez Grande is a five year old boy who lives in Cruz Blanca which is a town in Guatemala.  He lives with his Mom and Grandparents in an adobe home with a tin roof.   Typical adobe homes would have a dirt floor, mud walls, and most likely wouldn’t have running water or plumbing inside the home.  His mom cooks with an open fire.  He likes to play soccer/football and with his toy cars. He speaks Kak-chikel, a Mayan language spoken by the indigenous people.

Jeferson’s dad abandoned his family so they have a hard time with finances. Jeferson has been going to the VisionTrust Learning Center for two years.  He brings home stories from the Bible and tells his family about Jesus and prays with them.

Jeferson’s grandfather didn’t believe in God and was very proud of that. Jeferson would pray with his grandfather every night.  One evening Jeferson asked his grandfather to pray, and when his grandfather prayed, he felt something inside of him that he couldn’t explain. Ever since he has never gone to sleep without praying.

At the VisionTrust Learning Centers, the children like Jeferson learn more about God and teach their families about our Savior.  Even the youngest children can help make a difference in sharing God’s news.

Discussion Questions:

o   Do you have someone in your life you could tell about God?

o   What makes God so important to you?

o   Do you pray every night before bed?

Fun Facts:

o   Spanish is the official language in Guatemala, but there are 21 Mayan dialects.

o   Despite its size, Guatemala is home to 33 volcanoes.

o   The first chocolate bar was created by Mayans in Guatemala.

o   Guatemala means the “Land of the Trees” in Mayan tongue.

Ways to Get Involved:

Jeferson taught his grandfather about God. Consider organizing a group to help you share the word about God. Invite people to church with you or simply share a Bible verse with them each day. You could also find an organization that donates soccer balls to children who can’t afford them in different countries.

 Prayer Requests:

Please pray for Jeferson that he continues his education.

Pray that God gives Jeferson’s mother the wisdom and strength she needs to keep providing for his family.

Pray for Jeferson’s grandfather and that he continues to grow in his spiritual journey with God and continues to use Jeferson to teach people about him.


“For everyone who ask receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Luke 11:10



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