Kudakwashe’s story

written by Rachel Spoelstra (12 years old)


Kudakwashe is a 26 year old young man. He is an orphan but he grew up with his aunt and uncle. In Zimbabwe where he lives, he has no electricity or running water. His many chores to help his family included fetching firewood and water. He normally eats sadza vegtable and meat if he’s lucky(chicken or roadrunner).  He eats about once or twice a day.

Kudakwashe speaks English and Shona. His father died when he was four and his mother died when he was nine. His aunt and uncle raised him along with his brother and two cousins.  He was very close to his brother who died last year at the age of 21 from a brain tumor. Growing up, his aunt was very kind to all the children.  She farmed, and his uncle worked in road construction even though he battled a disease called diabetes.

Do you enjoy sports like soccer?  Kudakwashe loves soccer and also is very interested in school. About three years ago, Kudakwashe joined the VisionTrust program that is called HELP. It stands for Higher Education Leadership Program.  This made it possible for Kiudakwashe to attend university where he is studying economics and geography. He hopes to become an accountant working for VisionTrust one day!

He has two years left to complete his education. Without VisionTrust, there is no way Kudakwashe would be able to have this chance at a degree. His VisionTrust leaders have also been mentors in his life. They taught him God’s Word, and Kudakwashe says he knows God better because of VisionTrust.

Kudakwashe wants to work with VisionTrust one day because he sees the difference it makes in his very poor village. The children in the program look healthier from the meal and fortified prridge they receive. Kudakwashe wants to help those who have changed his life in so many ways.

Discussion Questions:

What do you think Roadrunner meat tastes like?

Can you tell that some students look healthier or better fed than others at your school?

Fun Facts: 

Zimbabwe is believed to be the location of Ophir, the ancient wealthy country from which King Solomon got ivory, gold, and such other precious items.

Ways you can get involved:

Consider sponsoring a child in Zimbabwe so they can be one of the students in the village that looks healthy instead of hungry. Jasten, Josiah, Matthew, and Aletah are waiting to be sponsored: https://www.visiontrust.org/where/country/id/zimbabwe 

Prayer Requests:

Pray for Kudakwashe to do well in school to finish his education strong.

Pray that more students will be able to get higher learning through the VisionTrust HELP program.


“Take hold of my instructions; don’t let them go. Guard them, for they are the key to life.” Proverbs 4:13


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