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In America, we have a right to an education. As a part of the taxes we pay, all children not only have the right to go to school, but it is the law. Many American children do not understand how blessed they are to have this privilege. It is something that we all take for granted. Many things in life are possible when we have an education. Without one, we would be at a great disadvantage. In many countries, children do not have the right to an education. Often times it is only for those who can afford to pay for the education. Tadiwanashe is a 6th grade girl living in the country of Zimbabwe. Before coming to VisionTrust, she was not getting the education that would be necessary to help her be successful in life.

Tadiwanashe’s father died when she was very young. Her mother loves her very much. Life is hard for her mother because she is not working. She has a difficult time sending Tadiwanashe and her 3 siblings to school. Tadeiwanashe lacked the support in school fees needed to stay in school. Most of the time, she would be sent home for non-payment of her school fees. She had little hope of an education since she is the youngest in her family. Her mother was struggling and concentrating more on her children in older grades.

When Tadiwanashe was in third grade she joined VisionTrust. She is a very intelligent girl. She is now in the 6th grade. She has been in school consistently for 3 years and is doing very, very well. She has strong leadership qualities. She has been leading the choir at school and was nominated to be the Vice Deputy Headgirl at her primary school. Tadiwanashe also came to know Jesus and has been in a discipleship (one on one) program. She is learning very quickly and is eager to share the gospel with her friends. Her life has been transformed by the Bible teaching that VisionTrust Zimbabwe has provided.

There are so many joyful things in Tadiwanashe’s life. There are also challenges. Right now, the area she lives in is being affecting by a dam that is being built. The community is building a dam, and people will need to move because it will flood their homes. Please pray for Tadiwanashe and her family as they face this challenge. The good news is that Tadiwanashe and her mother have great hope! They both are believers and place their faith in Christ. They know that He will always be there for them, no matter what their circumstances.

As we think about Tadawanashe’s story, like many children throughout the world, we should also think about our own lives. How often have you complained about school? Do you understand the blessing of having an education? How would your life be different if you were not allowed to attend school? What would your life be like as an adult without an education? Take some time to talk about these things with your family. Praise God for the gift of education and also pray for Tadiwanashe and other children around the world that do not have the same opportunities that you do.

Discussion Questions:
Do you appreciate having an education? What are some benefits to an education? How would your life be different if you were not allowed to go because of money? Would you have the same start in life as an adult as other children your age who were able to go to school?

Fun Facts:

Zimbabwe is a country in the southern part of Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. Magnificent Victoria Falls that forms the world’s largest curtain of falling water is on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The local name for Victoria Falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya, “the smoke that thunders”.

Prayer Requests:

-Pray that God would provide a new home for Tadinawashe and her family to live. Pray for all the families who will be effected by the building of this dam.
-Praise God that He provided a way for Tadinawashe to receive an education. Ask God to help you appreciate your own education and find ways to praise Him for this.
-Pray that God Tadinawashe would continue to grow in her faith and do well in her school.

Ways to Get Involved:

There are children here in the US that struggle with basic needs. An education is given to everyone. If children are hungry or not clothed properly their education will be effected. Brainstorm as a family ways that you can help those who are in need.


Proverbs 29:7
The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

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