Gloria’s story

*written by Rachel Spoelstra, 11 years old


Gloria is a six year old girl from Togo.  Togo is one of the smallest and poorest countries in Africa.  Gloria is an orphan, but she lives with her grandma and great grandma.  Her home is a rented single room shared with three other people.  She speaks Ewe (a tribal language) and French.  Do you like to play games or draw pictures and color them?  Those are Gloria’s favorite things to do!

She does have many challenges living in a poor area in Togo. She hopes for one meal a day, but often just eats cassava. Cassava is a root that provides food but very little protein or nutritional value.  Gloria’s father was a Muslim, but he died. Her mother became mentally ill and is probably walking the streets somewhere.  One time when Gloria got sick, her grandma and great grandma too her to an idol to bless her. She didn’t know about the God who loves her.

Before Gloria got involved with VisionTrust, she didn’t go to school at all.  She also went to bed hungry a lot because she didn’t usually eat lunch or dinner. Now she gets to go to school because VisionTrust makes sure she has everything she needs.  She also gets lunch everyday! When she is sick, she gets good care rather than just a blessing from idol that can’t help her.

The best thing of all is that she is learning about Jesus and loves going to church where she can learn about God.  When she grows up, Gloria wants to become a doctor.  Good things are happening in Gloria’s life through God’s people reaching out to her with love, teaching, and also meeting her needs of food and education.

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Discussion Questions:

  • What do your parents do to help you when you get sick?
  • Do you think most people in the world can go to see a doctor when they are sick?
  • How does Gloria’s story make you thankful for things that you take for granted like food, school, or good doctors?

 Fun Fact: 

A typical Togo breakfast usually includes a big doughnut-like ball called ‘botoquoin’.

food - bortoquoi 002



“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7

One way you can get involved:

If you know anyone who has lost their mother or father – pray for them!

Prayer Request:

Pray that with the help of VisionTrust, Gloria can become a doctor.



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