Jose’s story

This story was edited with fun facts, discussion questions, and prayer requests added by Rachel Spoelstra, 11 years old.  Remember to let us know if your child would like to get involved in writing stories!

GU001-0211 Jose Abdias Sunun Lopez (3)

José Abdías is a very friendly and sociable 5th grade student in Guatemala. He loves to write stories and has a knack for using clear and beautiful descriptions. Jose is also teachable. When he gives his point of view, he respects what others may think.

At school he is always seen playing with his friends and greeting everyone with a big smile on his face. His two sisters also attend the VisionTrust Learning Center in the small village of Cruz Blanca.  His entire family has grown spiritually through their involvement in the program there.

They have gotten to know their God better, increased in thankfulness to Him, and truly recognize God as their Savior. The leaders at the Learning Center were able to see José Abdías growing in faith as he experienced some health problems with his stomach hurting. He got to experience God answering his prayers. Jose has displayed faith that comes from his heart knowing that God does answer prayer.

Jose prayed big prayers. He wanted to see a miracle of God healing his body. A couple of months ago, he approached his teachers and asked them to pray for him to feel better from stomach problems. He was very scared and in his words he mentioned that he was afraid that something bad would happen.

The team of teachers prayed for him, and during the prayer he was crying and we could feel his sadness and concern.  At the end of praying he began to laugh and cry so loud, it was so amazing talking to him. Jose began to realize that nothing is impossible for God, and we knew that he had been healed by God in that moment.

He stopped crying and declared that he already felt better. In the past days he reports that while his stomach used to hurt after he ate most foods, now he can eat with no pain. With a big smile he testifies that God does answer prayer.  José Abdías and his family are under the loving care of a miracle working God who cares about the details of our lives.

Discussion Questions:

  • What are some ways you would want to be helped if you were sick?
  • Do you believe that God still heals people today?


“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”  Psalm 37:23

Fun Fact about Guatemala

It has 33 Volcanos!

Prayer Request

Please pray for Jose to keep trusting in God to help him along his journey of life.

What you can do to get involved:
Pray for someone you know who is sick or hurt in faith. Then call or visit them and tell them you are praying for them and that nothing is impossible with God.




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