Does your son or daughter like to write?


We would love to involve some students in writing the stories for this website. We will send your child a form with questions and answers about a child from another country and then they will write a story.

We will edit it and then publish it here.  Some things your child would need to come up with:

1. Write a short story from the information provided.

2. Decide on one or two family discussion questions related to the story.

3. Write a few relevant prayer requests.

4. Brainstorm a few ways that kids could practically get involved in helping the poor.

5. Find a Bible verse that relates to the story.

6. Look in books or online to find a few fun facts about the country you are writing about.

If this is something your student is interested in – please email me – to let me know about their interest and we will give them an opportunity to write!

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