Angel’s Story


Pannaivilai is a small village in the Tuticorin District of Tamilnadu, India.  In the late 1800s two missionaries, Reverend John Thomas Tucker and Mother Amy Carmichael brought the message of Jesus to the people who lived here.  Today, mostly Christians live here.

Angel, is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Pannaivilai and attends the VisionTrust Learning Center.  When Angel was little her father died of brain fever (a disease that causes the brain to become inflamed or swollen).  Her father’s death was very difficult on the family and as a result her mother lost her sight.

Angel was raised in a Christian home but she did not always behave in the right way.  She was often disobedient.  She had a very bad habit of stealing things that did not belong to her.  She never shared anything with her friends.  When Angel was 7 years old she started attending the Learning Center with very low expectations.  She thought the teachers would be mean to her.  After several days passed she discovered that the teachers were loving and kind.  The teachers showed her the love Jesus has for her.  She attended Vacation Bible School programs and soon accepted Jesus as her personal savior.  This totally changed Angel’s life!  She began to make good decisions and behave well at home.  She became a cheerful giver and started reading her Bible and praying.  Angel is very thankful to VisionTrust for showing her what Jesus’ love looks like.  She is now filled with love and happiness.

Discussion Questions:

The teachers at the Learning Center made a big difference in Angel’s life by showing her love and teaching her about Jesus.  Can you think of anyone in your life that has done the same for you?

Fun Facts:

Amy Carmichael was a very important missionary to the village of Pannaivilai.  Read her story online at  or rent the DVD The Amy Carmichael Story through The Torchlighters: Heros of Faith series.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that Angel continues to make good decisions in her life.
  2. Pray for the teachers at the VisionTrust Learning Centers.  Ask God to give them wisdom and strength as they show the love of Jesus to all who attend school there.


1 John 3: 18-19 (New Life Version) “My children let us not love with words or in talk only. Let us love by what we do and in truth. This is how we know we are Christians. It will give our heart comfort for sure when we stand before Him.”

Ways to get involved:

Go back and think about your answer to Discussion Questions #1.  Write this special person a note to tell them how much they mean to you and how thankful you are that they taught you about Jesus.





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