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This is a guest blog from an organization called Raise the Roof that works with children in Uganda.

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Proscovia, Prossy, is a 12-year-old girl in the country of Uganda.  Uganda is an Eastern African country.  Uganda is about the size of the state of Oregon, however the population is 34.5 million compared to Oregon’s 3,871,859.  The official language in Uganda is English, but languages like Arabic, Swahili & Ganda are also used.  Prossy’s favorite food to eat is matooke (cooked bananas) and beans.  Her favorite sport is netball, which is similar to basketball.  She also likes to sing.

Prossy has had many challenges in her life.  Her mother died while giving birth to her so   Prossy never got to meet her. Her father has a disease called HIV/Aids and is unable to help care for her.  Since Prossy’s birth she has lived with her grandmother.  When Prossy was just one year old, she broke her arm and leg.  When she was healed of her broken bones, she was badly burned with hot water.  Prossy has scars on a large part of her body.  The scars on her body still cause her pain.  Even though they hurt, she is required to do many chores in the home.

Before an organization called Raise the Roof came into Prossy’s life, she had to stay at home most of the time without having the proper education.   Her grandmother was barely able to feed the family.  She had other grandchildren to care for and very little food.  The grandmother said “there was no hope, but maybe God would have allowed Prossy to grow and get married”.  Can you imagine if your only hope was waiting until you got old enough for someone to marry you and care for you?  God had other plans!

After Raise the Roof came into their lives, things changed for Proscovia.  She is able to go to school.  She is one of the best pupils in her class!  Her health has improved due to the meals she receives at school and the medical attention she has received.   Their home also had a leaking roof and weak walls which were repaired.   Her life once seemed without hope.  God used an organization to provide the basic needs that many children in the United States take for granted.  When was the last time you went without food?  Have you complained lately about school and how much you don’t like it?  Many children in other countries long for the opportunities you have.  Take some time to thank God today for the opportunities you have that many children around the world do not.

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Fun Facts about Uganda:

Uganda is the youngest country in the world.  50% of it’s population is under the age of 14.

Fried grasshoppers is one of the favorite treats in this country!

Uganda is where you will find the endangered mountain gorillas which are currently less than 750 in population in the world.

Prayer Requests: 

Pray that Proscovia continues to received a good education and meals.  Pray that she would continue to know that God provided this all to her and that she would grow into a strong Christian woman.


Isaiah 46:3-4

I have cared for you since you were born.  Yes, I carried you before you were born.  I will be your God throughout your lifetime-until your hair is white with age.  I made you, and I will care for you.

Ways to get involved:

Next time you do chores, think of Prossy and the pain she had to endure while doing her chores.  Be thankful for the things your family has provided for you.

Find a way as a family to help someone in need.  Visit a nursing home, help make a meal as a family for someone who can’t do it for themselves, help a neighbor do some yardwork or housework without expecting anything in return.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Raise the Roof is a great organization. I sponsor three kids with them and I’ve met all three in a Raise the Roof mission trip to Uganda. Anyone considering where to put their money to work should consider RTR!

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