Surviving a Cyclone

*Myo’s name has been changed to protect his identity. 


Myo survived a cyclone in 2008 in his home country of Myanmar.  Before the great storm, he lived with his parents and had a family with six members.  Only Myo and his brother survived.  His parents had been farmers who worked on a small piece of land and did a little fishing sometimes. Even now, Myo has not been reunited with his brother but has heard that he is alive.

During the storm called Nargis, Myo’s family stayed in their hut.  Once the hut fell down from the high winds, the family ran to their barn.  Soon the barn also was destroyed and Myo was flung into the storm.  He swam aimlessly in the dark night. Here is some of his story in his own words, “I was taken away by the wind and the waves to the other side of the river and was stuck up in the forest. In the morning I saw two persons walking past me but I could not go with them as my feet pained and could not walk. I stayed there having no food the whole day. When five men came out of the forest they fed me coconut meat and juice which was found in the bushes. After some strength came back to us we found a boat somewhere near us and we got into the boat and rowed and rowed for two days to reach our village. My legs were still pained, and I could not walk. I have known that my parents were passed away by the Nargis and my uncle took me to stay with them at their village.”

One of the elders from that village brought Myo to the VisionTrust center to live.  He got an opportunity to go to school and now he is in ninth grade.  Before coming to the Learning Center, Myo had never heard about Christ or been to a church. His family had been Buddhists, and he had no interest in learning about anything else.  However, after staying among Christians and the Learning Center and hearing God’s Word, Myo said everything began to look new to him.   He enjoys learning to play guitar and keyboard and singing praises to God.

Myo found hope in Jesus after losing his family and said this, “I was so happy and I forgot all my miseries giving to me through by the great storm, Nargis. I realize that I am now living physically and spiritually merely by the grace of GOD. I realize that Jesus so much loves me and let me live to glorified His name.  Knowing well about God’s salvation, I was baptized in April, 2012.”  Myo now attends a church near the Learning Center.

Myo said that before he came to know Jesus he had been very selfish in his attitude and actions.  He only cared about getting the best for himself and often got into fights with others.  Now, he wants to help others and show God’s love to them.  Myo also is excited about his opportunity for education and dreams of becoming a seaman.   He would like to be an officer on a ship one day and have the chance to make money to support the orphanage that changed his life.

Discussion Questions:

What kind of emotions do you think Myo experienced when he learned that his parents didn’t survive the cyclone?

When something really bad happens in life, what are some different reactions people have to their problems?

How did Myo find hope even after losing his family and his home?

Fun Facts about Myanmar:

The Nargis Cyclone was the worst natural disaster in Myanmar history.  The word Nargis is an Urdu word meaning “daffodil.”

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Prayer Requests:

Pray for other survivors of the cyclone that lost family members.  Pray for Myo that he would continue to follow Christ and have success with his dreams of becoming a seaman.


“To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory.”  Isaiah 61:3


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