Ana Clara’s Story

ana clara

Its hard to imagine the life a sweet little three year old girl named Ana Clara lives in Brazil. Her dad has a drinking problem and uses drugs. When he drinks he gets angry and says bad words and threatens to kill Ana Clara’s mom. He has been in jail before for hurting Ana Clara’s mom.

Ana Clara is an only child and lives with both of her parents. They speak Portuguese. Many children in Brazil live with grandparents or neighbors. Although some children in Brazil enjoy stable homes with loving parents, this is not the norm in the neighborhood where Ana Clara lives.  Drugs and violence are incredibly common in her community, and it is not a safe place for children. Many families in her community want to leave but they do not have the finances to do so. Many of the children are offered drugs at a young age as people will stand outside of the school and try to get them hooked on drugs. Many of the children do not receive consistent food or hygiene.

Thankfully, Ana Clara has Projecto Amar (Project Love) a learning center that has been in the community since 1986. There’s a psychologist at the project who helps children in situations like Ana’s. Every child gets a shower every time they come to Projecto Amar. The younger children are there all day and receive 3 meals and a snack and the older children are there half a day and receive 2 meals and a snack. Its a safe place for the children to come and feel loved. Every teacher who works there loves Jesus and the children have Bible class each day. Many leaders of the local churches came to Christ through Projecto Amar when they were young.

Discussion Questions:
Think about what it would be like to come from a family where there was physical and verbal abuse.  What kind of challenges would those children face?

Imagine what it would be like to live in a community where drugs and violence were common and where you did not feel safe. Do you think there are communities like Ana Clara’s near your home?

Fun facts about Brazil:
1. The world’s best and most delicious coffee is produced in Brazil.
2. Brazil has the biggest rainforest of the world, the Amazon forest.
3. Brazil has the 2nd highest Christian population in the world.
4. Brazil has won the soccer World Cup five times.

Prayer requests:
Pray for safety for the children of Ana Clara’s community and for safety and protection for Ana Clara and her mother. Pray for the workers at Projecto Amar and thank The Lord for their service and love for these children.

Psalm 4:8 “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety”.

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