Luis’s story

GU001-0102LuisLuis lives with his eight brothers and sisters in a village in Guatemala.  He loves to play soccer like many of his friends.  However, unlike many boys in his village, he doesn’t act like he’s too cool to show others that he cares about them by giving a hug or showing some affection.

With such a large family, you would think Luis lives in a big house so there is room for all nine kids and his mom and dad.  However, they live in a small house with a dirt floor, tin roof, and some cinder block walls and some corn stalk walls.  Things were pretty tough for the family when Luis’s dad used to spend what little money he made working as a farm hand and construction worker on alcohol to drink.

This made it hard to meet the family’s basic needs like buying food or paying for school supplies.  There was no money to consider making improvements to their home.  At times the family felt hopeless though they did remain united through the struggles.   Then things began to change for Luis and his family.   A VisionTrust worker in the village named Josh started praying with this family and including them in some community service projects.

This friendship really started to impact their lives.   Later their dad stopped drinking, and he committed to his family.  He gave them the opportunity to study in the school and stopped wasting money and used it for food.  Now he also saves money to be able to continuing building their house with cinder blocks and they dream of finishing it and someday having a concrete floor.

Now VisionTrust helps them develop this dream through the feeding and school programs.  They are now able to maximize their income toward the goal of making improvements to their home.  Luis feels hope now that things can get better.  He has a great spirit and energy that draws others to want to hang out with him.  Luis looked up to Josh as a male role model in his life, but now is gaining respect for his dad as he has seen his life transformed.  The whole environment in his house has changed now.

Discussion questions:
How would you describe the house you live in?
Do you think it’s possible for people to change when they have a bad habit?
Is there a bad habit or something you would like to change in your home? Pray together as a family about ways you can become a closer family and honor God more in 2014.

Fun Facts: Luis speaks a language called Kak-chikel and their family mostly eats beans.

Ways you can get involved:
Josh’s prayers and friendship helped Luis’s family. How can God use your prayers and friendship to help others? Can you think of one person (at school, in your neighborhood, at church) that God might want you to reach out to that has difficult circumstances at home? Begin by praying for them and then think of way you can show them that you care.

Scripture: “Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” Matthew 19:26

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