Shwe May’s story

shwe may

***This story contains references to HIV and human trafficking, please pre-screen the story and edit as needed for your child’s age. ***

Shwe May lives in Myanmar in a rented house made with bamboo walls.  Eight people live in this home though none of them are her parents.  Eight year old Shwe May lives with her grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Her uncle works as a motorcycle taxi driver but struggles to provide for a whole household of eight people with his small paycheck.

Shwe May’s mother died recently from a disease caused by a virus called HIV.  Thankfully,  Shwe May doesn’t have the same virus.  Hopefully she will continue to grow up healthy and strong. Her mom lived a difficult life.  As a young woman she was stolen away into human trafficking and taken to China.  She lived there for ten years and had two children before running back to her homeland of Myanmar.

Shwe May’s dad has never visited her since coming back to Myanmar.  Life is hard for this family.  Before joining  the learning center at VisionTrust, Shwe May attended school but was not able to do well because her family could not afford the extra tuition every child needs to pay. Without the extra tutoring Shwe May receives at VisionTrust, she would probably not be able to go beyond primary school and complete her education.

Being part of a Learning Center means she has a hope of completing her studies.  Shwe May’s  grades have improved greatly and she also has formed new friendships.  When leaders at the center teach from the Bible, Shwe May hears about God’s love for her. Though she has yet to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she feels the love and hope of the people that give her food and help.

Discussion Questions:

What is your house made out of of?  Do you ever complain that it is too small or about having to share a room or a bathroom with your brothers and sisters?  What would it be like to live in a small bamboo house with 8 people?

Thank God for providing a home for you to live in and the family you share it with.

Fun facts:

In Myanmar people often eat cooked rice with curry.  Shwe May likes to play skipping games. The traditional costume of the people of Myanmar is called Longyi.



Current prayer requests:

Pray for Shwe May to learn more about Jesus and choose to follow Him.

Ways you can get involved:

The first missionary sent from America was Adoniram Judson.  He traveled to Burma (now Myanmar).  Read his exciting story outloud as a family.  You can get it from the library or order it from Amazon following this link:


Proverbs 29:7

“The godly care about the rights of the poor; the wicked don’t care at all.”  (NLT)

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