26,000 Children

After reading “A Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns, I was struck that even the director of World Vision struggles to remember the plight of the poor when the routine of American life kicks in.  When we take a mission trip and see with our own eyes, or read the staggering statistics that 26,000 children die every day of preventable diseases, our awareness of the world’s poverty heightens.

Yet often we can ease back into our life of kids, bills, local ministries, and fail to remember those 26,000 children who suffer unseen.  This website is an attempt to keep the needy of the world from falling off our radar.

Here is how we hope you will use it:

  • Sign up to receive a weekly email by subscribing to this site.
  • Then read the real story of a child across the globe to your family.  Learn about their home, education, culture, and challenges.  It can be a weekly dinnertime story, bedtime story, or morning activity.
  • As God leads, we pray you and your children will find this tool a catalyst to remember and get more involved in actively helping the poor through prayer, giving, and creative projects that you or your children might be inspired to begin.
  • We also hope this will help our children learn to feel less entitled and more grateful for all that God has provided in their lives.  (At least that’s what we are hoping for our children!)

Our stories come from real people working with real children at learning centers and orphan care facilities through Vision Trust International.  http://www.visiontrust.org/

Our writers are currently two moms that want to remember the poor, and help our children grow up with a heart for those stuck in the cycle of poverty.

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