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Jenni’s* story

***Jenni’s real name is not given to protect her identity. Although Jenni* was born in Haiti, she was brought to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic especially for children who have a disease called HIV which can lead to AIDS. … Continue reading

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Gloria’s story

*written by Rachel Spoelstra, 11 years old Gloria is a six year old girl from Togo.  Togo is one of the smallest and poorest countries in Africa.  Gloria is an orphan, but she lives with her grandma and great grandma. … Continue reading

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Sivagami’s Story of Unending Prayer

Have you ever prayed to God and wondered, “Does God hear me?  Is He really listening?”  You are not the only person who has ever asked this question.  The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 to “rejoice always, pray … Continue reading

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Jose’s story

This story was edited with fun facts, discussion questions, and prayer requests added by Rachel Spoelstra, 11 years old.  Remember to let us know if your child would like to get involved in writing stories! José Abdías is a very … Continue reading

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Does your son or daughter like to write?

We would love to involve some students in writing the stories for this website. We will send your child a form with questions and answers about a child from another country and then they will write a story. We will … Continue reading

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Angel’s Story

Pannaivilai is a small village in the Tuticorin District of Tamilnadu, India.  In the late 1800s two missionaries, Reverend John Thomas Tucker and Mother Amy Carmichael brought the message of Jesus to the people who lived here.  Today, mostly Christians … Continue reading

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Prossy – Raise the Roof

This is a guest blog from an organization called Raise the Roof that works with children in Uganda. Proscovia, Prossy, is a 12-year-old girl in the country of Uganda.  Uganda is an Eastern African country.  Uganda is about the … Continue reading

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Vinotha’s story

Vinotha lives in India.  As a very small child, her mother suffered with a mental disorder. Because of this, her dad left their family and married another woman. Vinotha’s grandfather took her mother to a hospital where she could get … Continue reading

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Samart’s story

Home is a place where most of us feel safe. It is filled with family and love. It’s a physical place too. It’s an apartment, house, or structure of some kind that gives us shelter. When people ask us where … Continue reading

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Mia’s Story

*To protect Mia’s identity her name has been changed and she is not pictured. Mia* lives in Myanmar, near Southeast Asia.  She lives in a home constructed with a zinc roof and covered with Nipa Palm leaves (their long, feathery … Continue reading

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